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Formovie Mini Projector Dice

Formovie Mini Projector Dice

343 000,00₦Prix
Hors TVA |
  • 1080P picture
  • 700ANSI lumens
  • HDR10 40-200 inches picture size
  • DTS & DOLBY dual-certified sound quality
  • Certified Android TV 9.0
  • Easy to take away
  • Meet Formovie Dice



    155 √ó 125 √ó 60mm/6.1 √ó 4.9 √ó 6.3in


    2.2kg / 4.9lb


    Mineral grey


    TI DLP®

    Light engine

    4-Channel RGB LED

    Native Resolution

    FHD (1920 √ó 1080)


    700 ANSI lm

    Throw Ratio

    1.2 : 1

    Recommended picture size

    60’’ to 120’’






    HDR 10

    Refresh rate

    60 Hz

    Color space

    >85ÔºÖ NTSC

    Audio codec

    Dolby Audio, DTS-HD


    Full-range √ó 2 (10W in total)

    A large image in a small space

    The 100-inch 1080P full HD screen can be projected 2.5m away from the wall. You can also project any screen size of 40-200 inches by adjusting the distance.

    True full HD, brighter and more realistic

    By using the latest DLP® technology, Dice can provide clearer, crisper images with its 1080P physical resolution.

    Four-channel LED RGB+BP

    Compared with the traditional three-channel LED projection, one channel of blue light is added. The brightness is increased by more than 20%. With OSRAM LED, the NTSC color gamut is greater than 85%. A wider color gamut brings more realistic colors.

    DTS & DOLBY certified sound quality

    Excellent sound quality with DOLBY + DTS dual certification. Through more natural and lifelike sound effects, brings an all-new audio experience and creates an immersive acoustics experience.

    Certified Android TV 9.0

    Dice's built-in Android TV 9.0 operating system and Google Play Store allow you to access countless TV shows, documentaries, sports coverages, movies, games and podcasts.

    Easy to take away

    With the artificial leather handle of contrasting color leather texture design, the overall size of 155*125*160 mm, Dice has a similar size to a stand-alone desktop speaker.

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