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Popsicle Mold With Lid + 50 Sticks

Popsicle Mold With Lid + 50 Sticks

SKU : SHP0018
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Popsicle Mold With Lid + 50STICKS 

Nontoxic material: The ice cream mold is constructed from food grade silicone material, which is FDA approved, nontoxic, odourless .

Mulch shapes: 3D shape, soft ice popsicle molds can be used to make different shapes, no spill.

Reusable: Ice cream bar molds come with a 3-cavity popsicle mold and 50pcs popsicle , can be used for many times, sturdy and flexible, it won't be or faded.

Non-stick and flexible: Nonstick surface and great flexibility make silicone ice cream mold quick freeze. You just pop out with pressed fingers, easy release with perfect shape and clean up.

Temperature range: Silicone ice cream bar molds won't crack or break, 

Easy to clean: With nonstick surface, easy to clean, hand wash or dishwasher safe.

Wide application: Can be used as a ice cream mold, popsicle mold, cake mold, dessert mold, popsicle mold and more.

Removable lid: Comes with a removable lid, it helps prevent from leaking. And ice cream bar mold can be stacked, space saving…