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Gasoline Siphon Hose

Gasoline Siphon Hose

SKU : SHP0026
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For siphoning gasoline, oil, air, water, and other common liquids. 

Ideal for emergency gas transfer and suitable for various vehicles. Also can be a water changer for a fish tank at home.


Premium Quality Rubber hand pump, Extended hose that starts siphoning liquid flow quickly.

1.5M flexible and durable PVC hose.

Note: The fluid you are trying to extract has to be higher than the influent bucket. The fitting end must be kept inside the fluid not just on the surface.

The ball pump built-in Inlet and outlet valve to prevent liquid backflow during pumping. And

we configured a complete.

 1.5M PVC hose. 

Not suitable for drinking water. easy to use.

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