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ATouch X11 Andriod Kids Tablet

ATouch X11 Andriod Kids Tablet

40 000,00₦Price
Excluding Tax |

The Atouch X11 is the way to go when you will only settle for the best. Available in different colors and equipped with an Android 6.1. this phone is ready to wow. It has a powerful 3000mah battery that is efficient and works smartly, giving you just the right amount of power to make your operations and multitasking seem seamless whilst saving power so that you remain powered up longer. It has a massive internal storage of 32GB. The best part, however, is that you can take this brilliant piece of technology with you everywhere! The Atouch X11 has a design that beautifully blends style and engineering to give you a phone that will stand by you through thick and thin.

Exploit the Internet And Faster! 4G modem built in the Tablet affords you blazing Internet connections. Your downloads, uploads, and media streaming will be doubly fast and just as smooth. The Best and Brightest of Them All This tablet gives you the brightness as well as the most accurate of details. It Comes with gifts, all included inside the box.

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