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Authentic Self Cleaning Flat Mop

Authentic Self Cleaning Flat Mop

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Authentic Self Cleaning Flat Mop (Bucket included)

Are you tired of using your hands and back to squeeze your mop head? Are you sick of having to stop and wash your mop head? 

Our Flat mop and Bucket will make you say goodbye to the old ways and hello to the NEW 21st Century. 

It is so much fun, you will want to clean your floors on a daily basis! It does the scrubbing for you. No more getting down on your knees or squeezing mop heads with your hands. It scrubs, scrubs and scrubs again. It can penetrate all corners. 

Tested and confirmed ‚ùóÔ∏è‚ùóÔ∏è‚ùóÔ∏è 

With the Flat Mop, our goal is to re-think the regular mop and provide a self-cleaning square shaped mop that could absorb more water and penetrate more corners  than a regular mop. We can proudly say this product satisfies this goal and hope you love it as much as we do.