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Fascial Massage Gun

Fascial Massage Gun

18 000,00₦가격
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Fascial Massage Gun 

The Fascial Gun Massager is used to reduce muscle pain, improve blood circulation, and relieve joint pain after a hard workout or prolonged physical work.

It is used by professional athletes and people suffering from multiple sclerosis, arthritis and muscle atrophy.

The Fascial Gun muscle massager uses a vibration therapy method that combines a specific amplitude.

The effect is achieved by acting on the inner layers of the tendons, muscle tissue and fascia, which do not cause pain.

There are 4 nozzles in the kit, for influencing certain muscle groups of the legs, buttocks, back, chest, wrists and ankles. 

Are you suffering from muscle pain or joint soreness?

Need a small and convenient device to combat muscle soreness and discomfort? Want to enjoy relaxing and stimulating

deep tissue massages at home?

This personal handheld muscle massager is ready for you at home, office or during a long trip!.

Duration: 15minutes

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