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iPhone Vs Android Final Verdict

The debate between owning an iPhone or an Android phone is one that many Nigerians can relate to as both types of devices are widely used in the country. With apple’s #iPhone, one of its main advantages is its design, ease of use and app optimization for example #Snapchat.

For many years Snapchat has consistently been better on #iOS. The iPhone has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate. It's #AppStore is curated to ensure that only quality apps are available. This means that users can easily find what they need without having to wade through a sea of low-quality apps.

On the other hand, #Android is known for its flexibility, customization and performance. Android devices are faster to implement hardware changes to suit performance need such as hyper-fast charging (0%-100% in less than 20mins), always On display, reverse wireless charging and some models still maintain the sweet traditional headphone jack others go as far as having a physical cooler fan as found in redmagicgaming

Companies are currently using android to revitalise their old products and compete in the modern day world because they do not require much software investment as compared to making it happen without @google ‘s Android. A typical example of such is the new sony Walkman. Android also popularised #SmartTv. It is gradually becoming the WindowsOS of the mobile era.

Google's Android also offers a wider range of hardware options, including devices at different price points, which can be important for Nigerians on a budget. iPhone users do not have the flexibility to customize, install third-party apps, and tweak settings to suit their preferences. Although this is changing gradually, high-level of customization is still not possible on the iPhone. The Android market is competitive as many big technology giants are participating.

The choice between iPhone and Android largely depends on personal preference and needs. If you value simplicity and design and camera, iPhone may be the better choice. If you prefer flexibility, customization and power Android may be the way to go.

Trust me having both is the best till one phone can become a perfect sync of both worlds.

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