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Green MagSafe Delgado

Green MagSafe Delgado

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The MagSafe compatible phone case by Green Lion is the new standard for advanced-level covers all around the world. The matte-colored case will instantly receive compliments, it is made of highly transparent TPU material that has gone through the environmental IMD process.
This process in return will prevent this phone case from turning yellow, as it offers a protective film on both sides of the device, guaranteeing the TPU material remains anti-oxidized for a longer period. The case also adds extra protection to your camera lens as it includes a metallic frame to prevent any costly damage
The special feature of this matte phone case is its MagSafe compatibility function. The phone case is designed to support various magnetic charging accessories.


Metallic camera frame Magnetic precision Wireless charging efficiency Highly Transparent and Durable Matte Design IMD Process Non-Yellowing


Material: TPU Wireless Compatibility: MagSafe Design: Camera Ring & MagSafe Outline Color: Matte
  • Color

    Black, Gold,pink

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