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PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation VR 2

₦500,000.00 Regular Price
₦490,000.00Sale Price
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Discover some of the innovative features of the PS VR2 user interface and how you can enhance your VR adventures.

Get your room PS VR2 ready

With its single USB cable plug-and-play connection, PS VR2 is incredibly easy to set up - and getting your surrounding ready for virtual reality adventures is easy too.

Set your play area

Ensure you can play freely and with confidence by defining your play area in the PS VR2 settings menu.

Here you can scan your room using the headset’s built-in cameras and fine-tune the boundaries of your play area using the PS VR2 Sense controller.

While playing, if you get close to the perimeter you’ve set up, you’ll see a warning on the headset’s screen. If you stray outside of the play area boundary, See-Through View will automatically activate to show your real-world surroundings.

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