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Tap Water Filter and Purifier

Tap Water Filter and Purifier

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Practical Home Activated Carbon Tap Faucet Water Filter The tap water we use daily may contain a lot of hazardous substance and small worms after a long way transport in the old water pipe, this product can provide you with a more clean and healthy water With silicic acid ion stone,coconut activated carbon,PP Filter sheet,non-woven fabric material.

The silicic acid ion stone can eliminate residual chlorine and ammonia and their peculiar smell, make the water more tasty and healthy.

The coconut activated carbon can eliminate peculiar smell and cancerogenic material, make the water more clean.

Three layers of PP Filter sheet, they can intercept the visible impurity and worm non-woven fabrics material can intercept the visible impurity and iron dross.

Generally, it can be used for 6 months..

Comes with Accesories to Fit Most

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